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  • The Lost Art of Partying

    I wish I grew up in the era when people stayed at parties. Maybe this is a myth, an urban legend, a product of elderly neuron sparks and sepia memory banks, but my grandma tells stories of the Bronx in the fifties, when she would come home from work at ... cont.
  • Open Door Policy

    I have no door on my bedroom. This is not a weird euphemism or metaphor; at my parents' house, there is literally no door on my room, only a wide, open archway with glass panels on the sides. When I was in elementary school, my parents renovated our ... cont.
  • TV stars launch drama school

    A FORMER “Shameless” actress, from Oldham, and her husband and co-star are opening their own drama school to make sure actors above 16 are not slipping through the net. Sarah Byrne, who was first noticed at Oldham Theatre Workshop, and husband ... cont.
  • Shameless star Jody Latham films first gay role

    Jody, who is engaged to former Shameless co-star Sarah Byrne, said he hoped it would highlight homophobia and challenge people's perceptions of homosexuality – especially in men. Neil, who is gay, said: “In society it's deemed much more socially ... cont.
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