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  • Megan Williams

    Client Manager at MindMill
  • Megan Williams

    CRM & Affinity Partner Manager at Floream
  • Megan Williams

    Account Manager at Fast Track
  • Megan Williams

    Legal Headhunter at Noble Legal Ltd
  • HS softball: Tenafly doing everything well

    "We've been keeping better balance lately, and that's really been a big plus for us," said Tenafly coach Megan Williams. "Earlier in the season we would be strong in one phase of our game, but maybe not quite so successful in the other parts of our ... cont.
  • Fishburne Raiders qualify for national competition

    WAYNESBORO — There are only three times a year that a high school ROTC raiders team can qualify for a Best of the Best in Brigade competition in Virginia. The cadets at Fishburne Military School were determined not to miss the opportunity. At a meet ... cont.
  • Modern art in the cradle of the Renaissance

    Florence is known as the cradle of the Renaissance… its museums hold treasure troves of masterpiece paintings and sculptures. But, as Megan Williams reports, this historic city is also the birthplace of an entirely different kind of art. That of one ... cont.
  • News Leader journalists receive top national awards

    From left, News Leader reporter Megan Williams, photographer Katie Currid and reporter Calvin Trice each won a first-place award in the annual Best of Gannett competition. The awards, announced Thursday, recognized their individual contributions in 2013. cont.
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