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  • Robert Green

    Technolgy Project/Implementation Consultant at Capita Resourcing
  • Robert Green

    Sales Director at Accenture
  • Robert Green OBE, JP

    Director of Undergraduate Studies - University of Kent
  • Robert Green

    Business Development Director at Oliver Marketing
  • LAPD apologizes to commission for not alerting it to tampering

    Paysinger told commissioners his presence at the hearing, along with Deputy Chiefs Rick Jacobs and Bob Green, was "an exclamation point on how important this whole question of digital in-car video and also other accountability technologies are to the ... cont.
  • Badgerys Creek airport: Political turbulence

    Anthony Albanese was insistent. ''What we actually need is the government to bite the bullet and get on with building a second airport for Sydney,'' the inner-city Labor MP declared. That was in 2001. Albanese himself would go on to spend six years as ... cont.
  • Good Shepherd Hospice team helps make patient's wish come true

    On his ride around town in a 1998 Corvette, Bob Green stopped by the Sebring Raceway. Green, a patient with Good Shepherd Hospice, casually remarked that he'd like to go for a ride in a Corvette. Staff members at the Somers Hospice House worked ... cont.
  • Lincoln Day: Dee Wampler speaks at annual Republican event in Licking

    Bob Green, Chairman of the Texas County Republican Party, welcomed guests of the event. Jack Hines, Master of Ceremonies, recognized the veterans of our armed forces who were in attendance. VFW post 473, of Cabool, did the Presentation of Colors. cont.
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